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Incoming Mail--Sue

Mary Engelbreit card from Sue in North Carolina.

Incoming Mail--Laura

My sister in Iowa, Laura, is in the middle of a cool trip to Germany and Austria with three other people. I can't wait to see photos and hear details later.
For now, I have this lovely postcard of Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Germany to enjoy.

Camp for Girl Scouts--July 2013


Recent Reads

The Ghost Sitter by Peni R. Griffin (2001).  Highly Recommended.  Charlotte's little brother finds an imaginary friend named Susie when they move into a new house.  Susie also happens to be the name of the little girl who died fifty years ago while living in their house.  What can Charlotte and Shannon, the girl next door, do to help Susie?  Maya and I cried while reading this book together.

The Last Bastion of the Living: A Futuristic Zombie Novel by Rhiannon Frater (2012).  Highly Recommended.  Nice blend of action and romance, with a fighter heroine who wasn't born until after zombies existed.

Blind Allegiance by Violetta Rand (2013).  The Blind Series.  Recommended.  Historical romance about an English woman gladly given to a Viking marauder by her brother.  Entertaining read about cultural and communication issues, family trials, and love.

Taking on the Dead by Annie Walls (2012).  The Famished Trilogy.  Highly Recommended.  Four years after the start of the zombie apocaly…

Incoming Mail--Colleen

Postcard of Sandringham House, Queen Elizabeth II's winter home, from Colleen in England.

Incoming Mail--50 States Club

Newport Bridge (Rhode Island) postcard sent to me by a member of the 50 States Club, an off-shoot of Postcrossing that involves one-time swaps of postcards for members.
This is the postcard I sent to her in return.  Please let me know if **you** also want a Nebraska map postcard like this one, or even just a postcard related to my state, as I might have bought 96 assorted Nebraska-related postcards on Saturday.  

Maya's Schedule

Here's a peek at Maya's regular day during fourth grade:

8:45-9:00    Arrive at school  (Children who eat breakfast at school and/or attend the on-site daycare arrive earlier.)

9:00-9:05    Opening and Announcements

9:05-9:50    Daily reviews

9:50-11:40   Reading  (Maya's favorite part of the day.)

11:40-12:00  Lunch  (Another favorite time for Maya--socializing.)

12:00-12:15  Recess  (Ditto on social time.)

12:15-1:00    Unit Studies  (Rotates through lessons on topics involving subjects such as science, social studies, and history.)

1:05-1:55      Specials  (Music-P.E.-Art-Computer in rotation, one per day.)

1:55-3:35      Math

3:38              Dismissal

She goes to the school library every Tuesday, though I didn't think to ask her when that fits into the daily schedule.

So far, the year is off to a positive start.

Lancaster County Fair--8/6/2013

Maya and Herb on his birthday. What a nice dad to spend his birthday at the midway.
Maya went on Zero Gravity seven or eight times in a row. 
Maya went on Fire Ball twice. Herb and I saw a lot of change falling from riders' pockets on this one.
Prices: $25 for a ride wrist band (or $1 per ticket with most rides three tickets), $3 for parking, $2 for fair admission (or free advance tickets), $5 corn dog, $4 for a large sno cone, $3 for bottled water, $6 funnel cake.

First Day of Fourth Grade--8/13/2013

Maya heading off to school this morning.

Incoming Mail--Postcrossing

Some of my recent incoming postcards from Postcrossing.  You really should consider joining the group if you aren't already a member and enjoy sending and receiving postcards.
Clock Tower, located at Riverfront Park in Spokane, Washington.
Kirov Street in Minsk, Republic of Belarus.
Postcard from Finland that combines puppies and a card catalog--perfect for me.
Postcard from Sweden.  The blueberries and strawberries make me want to find some yogurt!


Check out my friend, Claudia, at her shop, Moncy3 on Etsy.  

Here is part of my recent purchase from her shop:

My entire purchase came wrapped like a lovely present.  Yes, that's a rose paper clip.
Some of the envelopes I bought.
My stickers came wrapped in another pretty package.
I bought the French stickers in addition to these English stickers.
I know I'll be back again soon to make another purchase.  Thanks, Claudia!!