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Surviving Raine by Shay Savage (2013).  Highly recommended.  Bastian, captain of a charter ship, and Raine, one of his passengers, survive the sinking of his ship.  Then the real fun begins, as food and water are issues, along with Bastian's alcohol withdrawal and surly attitude.  Told from Bastian's POV, the story is intriguing, especially as he's a very dark sort of hero.  My only regret is reading the epilogue, as the ending seemed perfect, only to have the epilogue leave me waiting anxiously for the next installment in the story of Raine and Bastian.  Ugh--down with series!

The Lemon Orchard by Luanne Rice (2013).  Recommended.  When Julia agrees to housesit for her aunt and uncle, she has no idea she'll find love with Roberto, the man who oversees their lemon orchard.  Part of their bond is based on shared grief, as Julia's daughter and the husband she was about to divorce died in a car accident five years earlier, at the same time Roberto's daughter disappeared during their illegal immigration into the United States from Mexico.  Can Julia help Roberto learn what happened to his daughter?

Lick: Stage Dive 1 by Kylie Scott (2013).  Recommended.  "Regular" woman Evelyn celebrates her 21st birthday in Vegas, and she wakens married to a rock superstar and fan heartthrob.  Although Scott's zombie apocalypse stories held my attention better, I still enjoyed her first book in the series based around a rock group.  I look forward to the coming books, and I even hope she writes a story based around David's ex-girlfriend.

Love & Salt: A Spiritual Friendship Shared in Letters by Amy Andrews and Jessica Mesman Griffith  (2013).  Recommended.  I'm a complete sucker for books centered on letters, and this is no exception.  The book is a compilation of letters exchanged between Amy and Jessica over almost three years after they meet in a creative writing course.  They serve as each other's sounding boards and confidantes, and how lucky the reader is to peek into their relationship.


SapphireBlue said…
I will put some of those books on my to-read list.

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