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The Yellow Birds by Kevin Powers (2012).  Highly recommended.  The author spent 2004-2005 serving in Iraq, and his novel makes for compelling, dark reading.  The story revolves around two young soldiers, as told from the viewpoint of the one who physically comes home.

The Things that Make Me Give In by Charlotte Stein (2010).  Recommended.  Collection of short, erotic vignettes.  I'm still keeping Sheltered as my favorite work by Stein.

After Math by Denise Grover Swank (2013).  Recommended.  Scarlett is essentially blackmailed into becoming an algebra tutor for athlete (soccer) Tucker.  Broken in different ways, they come together to form a special relationship.

The Nerd and the Marine by D. R. Grady (2011).  The Morrison Family series.  Not recommended.  Story about a couple who meets through the exchange of e-mails when Lainey fosters Mitch's dog while he's deployed.  There is just too much time spent on the period before they meet, and then a very quick wrap on the book after they finally meet for my taste.

Are you reading anything you would recommend?  Thanks for sharing!


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