Pioneers Park--June 9, 2013

While Maya enjoyed her afternoon hike for a Girl Scouts' program related to water wonders, I enjoyed sitting on the porch of the Pioneers Park Nature Center, which is celebrating fifty years in 2013.

The photo is my view from the porch.  I had a pleasant, peace-filled view and beautiful weather while I wrote a letter to my sister and read an ebook.  The park is about thirty minutes from our house, so not quite close enough to leave Maya just to come back to get her later.  Poor me--I just *had* to stay to do fun, relaxing stuff while she made her trek through the park with their guide and the other girls.

I can't wait to return for additional sessions in July and August.  I might be slightly more excited than Maya, even!


Claudia Aguilar said…
Poor you!! I can why you want to come back!!

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