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Kind of a bizarre weekend, one where everything felt a little bit "off."

I went to Omaha on Friday to meet with a group of five for a job interview.  This is the position I mentioned earlier being really excited about.  Not so much now.  The interview raised some serious red flags, and my gut instinct is that this isn't the right change for me.  I'll see if I even get to the next round of interviewing, anyway.  I have a feeling they might also think the fit just isn't there, so I won't be surprised if they don't call again.

Herb drove to the interview with me, and we planned to try this Italian place in Omaha that has excellent reviews.  Of course, they didn't open for dinner until about 90 minutes after my interview ended, so we settled for a visit to Olive Garden instead.  Still nice to have a "date" and some alone time.

Maya and I decided we probably need to find a new usual spot for our Saturday girls' lunch.  Our current place changed their menu--adding new dishes, dropping some dishes, and changing the recipes on dishes they kept.  Our soup moved to Wednesdays, too.  Disappointing.  Maybe I don't like change any more than Maya does??

Then the Girl Scout event, mentioned in my last post, on Sunday being technically cancelled caused some more disappointment.  We stopped at our favorite ice cream place on the way home, and they changed their sizes (smaller) and prices (higher).

Kind of wondering what's next with feeling a little "off."

What's new with you?


Claudia Aguilar said…
Oh Maria! I am sorry to hear of all these disappointments...I hate changes too but maybe there is something better 'out there'

Tight hugs!

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