Nature Center at Pioneers Park--May 19, 2013

Maya by the bison bench in front of the Nature Center.

View of the Nature Center from the parking lot.

View of the land in the park and beyond on a rainy day. 

Maya went to the Nature Center today for a Girl Scouts' event. Even though the staff there had the event listed as canceled, they were kind enough to still have an abbreviated program on recycling and a nature hike for the five girls who came. Although a little rain fell on the group, they came back just before the quarter-sized hail fell.

Fun, educational afternoon in a beautiful setting!


Claudia Aguilar said…
Quarter size hail? yikes!! I am an avid recycler I still have to remind my family once in a while to put the empty shampoo bottle in the recycling bin :(

That is a beautiful landscape indeed!

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