Incoming Mail--Dana

Envelope containing a letter, postcards, and short story from Dana in North Carolina of Save Snail Mail.

Postcard from Dana's visit to London and Cafe Bella Maria.

Postcard of a couple that needs no introduction.  Maya already
claimed this one for her bedroom wall.


Claudia Aguilar said…
Maya is too funny! I remember being that way when Diana and Charles got married :)
Becky said…
Love Dana's envelope... commercial or hand made?
SapphireBlue said…
Aw man! I want the royal wedding one too.
@Claudia--Maya likes Queen Elizabeth II even more than Kate and William, and that's saying a lot!

@Becky--Dana made the envelope, which has a heavy, cotton fiber feel. Very beautiful.

@SapphireBlue--That is a cool postcard. :)

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