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Well, Saturday mail delivery is safe in the United States for now.  This press release from the US Postal Service Board of Governors explains the reason for the change.  While I'm thrilled to be keeping Saturday mail delivery, I think Congress needs to take constructive steps to eliminate other sources of financial trouble for the USPS, including the pre-funding of retiree health benefits, before the mail service is run into the ground.  And, yes, I think Congress isn't being fair to the USPS regarding the mail delivery schedule when the USPS is funded entirely through the purchase of their goods and services, not in any way from taxes.  Gen X cynic that I am, I also suspect the argument that Congress wants to break the postal workers' union while also catering to the lobbying requests from private companies in competition with the USPS holds some merit.

Again, though, I confess to doing a little happy dance when I learned I wouldn't lose Saturday mail delivery.

Despite having to scrape my car windshield this morning, true spring must be coming soon since Maya started swimming lessons on Tuesday.  Fortunately, she takes her lessons at an indoor pool, so the weather has no impact on her swimming.  We're also thinking and worrying about where Maya's going to spend her summer since school ends on May 23.  She doesn't particularly want to go where she went last summer, but there aren't all that many affordable options available.  Decisions, decisions.

I'm also trying not to get my hopes too high about a possible job opportunity in Omaha, which is an hour from where we currently live.  Yes, we would move.  I don't want to say too much and jinx myself, but please keep your fingers crossed for me.

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