Stationery--Paper Doll Printing & Design

I'm starting a new set of posts featuring places I go to purchase stationery.  Hope you enjoy reading the posts, and happy shopping.  

I just placed my first order with Paper Doll Printing & Design.  I ordered all address labels, though there's a great selection of other items, as well, including personalized note cards and notepads, bookmarks, and invitations.

The designs are fresh, cute, and whimsical, and my package arrived amazingly quickly.  I'll be placing an order again soon!



Claudia Aguilar said…
Those are pretty address labels!
SapphireBlue said…
I like it. Very pretty.
Sabrina said…
I live in the Netherlands and I am barely able to find any note cards here! I don't know what it is. You won't believe the number of (online) shops I've visited looking for note cards. I may have to order it abroad. I'll check out that link!

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