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The USPS (United States Postal Service) is expected to announce later today the elimination of Saturday mail delivery, effective in August 2013.  Packages are to still be delivered six days a week, just not letters and cards--meaning, what I really care about.  I'm a little sad, though at least the post offices with Saturday service hours are remaining open.  That's the one day I can really get to the post office to buy stamps and mail packages.

Okay.  Since they expect to save $2 billion a year by eliminating the Saturday mail service, that's worth the sacrifice to have the cost savings.  Better to have abbreviated service than no USPS at all!

I decided to make the plunge back into Facebook this week.  I missed the posts from people I only connect with through FB, plus the photos from everyone.  Besides, I wanted to see a photo of my niece's boyfriend.  Are you on FB?  Do you have a love/hate relationship with the system like I do?

Maya and I went to see the movie Warm Bodies on Friday.  I picked her up from school, so I had the chance to see her with her crush, likely the coolest boy in the entire third grade.  I'm pretty sure the crush isn't one-sided after seeing them together.  We enjoyed the movie, which is a sweet, slightly funny story about a zombie boy who falls in love with a regular girl.  Maya wants to know when we can go to see the movie again.

What's new with you?  Happy Wednesday!


SapphireBlue said…
I hope the reduction in service helps their debt.
Claudia Aguilar said…
I just heard that on the news, at least we still get mail. Bummer for you that go to the Post Office on Saturdays.
Becky said…
Our Saturday USPS delivery has been rather "sketchy" for quite a while, so I suspect we won't miss it much. I enjoy Facebook, but waste too much time there. It does provide an outlet for those of us who like to write, but only occasionally. I was happy to see you back!

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