Mango Cremes & Cowboys

Mango Cremes & Cowboys or a Free Offer & a Favor Request.

Maya is busy selling her Girl Scout cookies, and the new Mango Cremes aren't moving. Right now, we have ten boxes sitting at our house, and no one in the family likes them. The cookie portion has kind of a coconut flavor, which I liked, and the cream filling is sort of a sour mango, which I didn't like. I'm willing to send anyone, up to ten people, who leaves a comment on this post with an e-mail where I can reach you *or* drops me an e-mail with your mailing address at a free box of Mango Cremes.

For the favor portion of my post, I'm asking for your help in finding Western-themed postcards. Anything with horses, cattle, cowboys or cowgirls, accessories (cowboy hats, boots, buckles), etc. I'm willing to trade Nebraska postcards with you, or I can also send you stationery. I want to send the postcards to Dmitry, someone in Russia I met through Postcrossing. I'll post the lovely postcards I just received from him tomorrow.


Michelle said…
Can't wait to see what the postcard looks like. :)

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