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Incoming Mail

Some of my Valentine's Day and birthday cards on rotating display.
 Heceta Head Lighthouse on the lovely Oregon coast. Sent by Becky in Oregon.
 Hollyhill House from Catalina Island, California. Sent by Claudia in California of Moncy3. I could see myself living in this beautiful house. Well, maybe not being able to afford to live there, but. . . I can dream.  Stamps from the package of postcards sent by Dmitry in Russia.
 Back of the envelope for a letter from Wanda in Canada.
Stamps from the front of Wanda's envelope. I love dogs!

Happy 43rd Birthday to Me Today!!

Here's Maya at my birthday lunch. We had a lot of fun over a long lunch and chat session with my best friend and her daughter.

I love birthdays, so I plan to celebrate all weekend!!!

Hope you're having a great weekend.

Incoming Mail--Dmitry

Besides the lovely postcards below, Dmitry also sent one of Neuschwanstein Castle.  Maya already smuggled that card to Grandma's house, which translates to, "Mine, Mom; this one is mine."  Maybe I'll get the chance for a photo later. . . .

Photo of the Romanovs, the Russian Royal Family, prior to their executions in Yekaterinberg.

 Yekaterinberg's Soviet-era architecture.

 Kazan City.

 Sochi, the capital of Winter Olympics 2014.

 Postcard from Dmitry's trip to Thailand, which he says is a popular winter resort for Russians.

Poscard from Dmitry's visit to Salzburg, Austria.

Mango Cremes & Cowboys

Mango Cremes & Cowboys or a Free Offer & a Favor Request.

Maya is busy selling her Girl Scout cookies, and the new Mango Cremes aren't moving. Right now, we have ten boxes sitting at our house, and no one in the family likes them. The cookie portion has kind of a coconut flavor, which I liked, and the cream filling is sort of a sour mango, which I didn't like. I'm willing to send anyone, up to ten people, who leaves a comment on this post with an e-mail where I can reach you *or* drops me an e-mail with your mailing address at a free box of Mango Cremes.

For the favor portion of my post, I'm asking for your help in finding Western-themed postcards. Anything with horses, cattle, cowboys or cowgirls, accessories (cowboy hats, boots, buckles), etc. I'm willing to trade Nebraska postcards with you, or I can also send you stationery. I want to send the postcards to Dmitry, someone in Russia I met through Postcrossing. I'll post the lovely po…

This and That

The USPS (United States Postal Service) is expected to announce later today the elimination of Saturday mail delivery, effective in August 2013.  Packages are to still be delivered six days a week, just not letters and cards--meaning, what I really care about.  I'm a little sad, though at least the post offices with Saturday service hours are remaining open.  That's the one day I can really get to the post office to buy stamps and mail packages.

Okay.  Since they expect to save $2 billion a year by eliminating the Saturday mail service, that's worth the sacrifice to have the cost savings.  Better to have abbreviated service than no USPS at all!

I decided to make the plunge back into Facebook this week.  I missed the posts from people I only connect with through FB, plus the photos from everyone.  Besides, I wanted to see a photo of my niece's boyfriend.  Are you on FB?  Do you have a love/hate relationship with the system like I do?

Maya and I went to see the movie Wa…