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Maya with knitted Christmas tree decorations at Grandma's house.  Grandma did the work, but Maya's now getting interested in learning to knit.  Photo taken by my mom one day last week.

How was your weekend?  Saturday brought a fun lunch at Cheddar's with my best friend, a quick stop at Shopko, and part of the afternoon at my mom's house.  Sunday turned into a day at home because Maya has a case of the sniffles.  She went to school today, though, very relieved that she isn't missing any of her last week before the two-week (too long) winter break.

I'm very relieved that I'm done with my holiday and birthday shopping for my sisters.  With their birthdays falling on December 14 and January 5, there's an extra shopping challenge with them.  I just need a few stocking stuffers for Maya and a trip to the post office to mail some gifts, and then I'm officially done with the materialistic side of Christmas.  Happy dance.

Well, we still don't have our tree up and decorated, but that may wait until next weekend at this point, anyway.  With work, school, and homework, weekdays get pretty full without adding any extras.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


Claudia said…
"Materialistic side of Christmas" got that totally right my friend.

This year I promised myself I would not stress out! So, I've been crocheting hats for my nephews and nieces. I do hope Maya picks up knitting, Sophia is not interested so far :(

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