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BookBub recommendation.  My friend Kym suggested this site to me, and I find at least two or three free books to download every week from the daily messages.  To quote from their site:

"BookBub is a free email newsletter that keeps you updated about deeply discounted and free digital books. You choose the types of books you'd like to get notified about -- with categories ranging from mysteries to cookbooks -- and we send the best deals in those genres to your inbox."

Fan fiction for The Walking Dead.  With TWD t.v. series on hiatus until season three resumes in February 2013, I'm feeding my fixation with exploring the available fan fiction.  I'm really enjoying seeing where others take the story and characters, though I might not want to admit how many late-night hours I'm spending browsing and reading.

Marco's Redemption by Lynda Chance (2012)--Romance.  Chance is one of my favorite authors for the Alpha male/slightly shy female, and I pretty much stalk Amazon for new releases from her.  In this one, Natalie crashes her cousin's car into Marco's Audi, and he suggests being his live-in housekeeper for a year as a way to repay the repair bill.  Of course, he doesn't really need a housekeeper. . . .  This particular story moved a little slowly, and I didn't feel a connection with the characters.  I suggest reading Seduced by the American Millionaire by the same author instead.

The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne (originally 1850)--Classical fiction.  This is still the book I pick if I'm forced to limit myself to one favorite, and I read this over again at least every two or three years.  Hester Prynne with her scarlet A for adultery, living in a Puritan society with a child born out of wedlock, is an iconic literary figure.  This story is an interesting take on religion, personal responsibility, and hypocrisy--all issues that still challenge American society today.    


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