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Maya flying her kite at Grandma's house on Saturday, November 17.  Check out those boots from a recent shopping trip with Grandma.  Maya's into fashion, but she makes what I consider some bold, interesting choices.

How was your weekend?  We had our usual kind of weekend.  Brownies meeting, where they completed work on their First Aid badge and practiced for caroling at a nursing home next month, for Maya on Friday night.  Besides Maya's time at my mom's house while I went to work for a few hours, we ran errands and ate lunch at Granite City on Saturday.  Family day, including lunch out, on Sunday.

The highlight of my weekend?  Daryl carrying Carol through a prison hallway littered with walkers on Sunday night's episode of The Walking Dead.  I may not get the romance I want between those two characters, though I'm still hoping, but no fan of the show can deny that he has special feelings of some sort for her now.

Hope you're having a great week!


Lou La La said…
Hehee what a cool little lady she is :-)

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