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In part to combat my "blah" feeling, and in part because I was a dud for Halloween (zero cards sent, home sick with the front lights off while Maya and Herb went trick-or-treating), I decided to get moving on my holiday preparations.  I just ordered the above photo cards from Shutterfly, where they have 40% off holiday cards and free shipping for orders over $30.

Maya and I had a pretty productive weekend around the house, too, with four big bags of items to donate.  She went through her clothes and toys, and I went through my stationery.  We still have more to do, but what a great start.  This is the first time she went through her room completely on her own, and I'm impressed at how well she did.  I only rescued one item from Maya's giveaway pile--the little cap she wore in the hospital.  That's one of **my** treasures!

We also had time for fun, including our usual Saturday errands and lunch out, watching Nebraska squeak out a win against Penn State in football, and watching our favorite movie, Love Actually.  I also enjoyed The Walking Dead last night, though I want Carol to come back (safely--not as a walker).  Am I the only one who keeps watching the show in hopes of a romance between Carol and Daryl?

How was your weekend?


sapphireblue said…
That's going to be a really nice card!
Claudia said…
Shopping is one of the best cures for that blah feeling!

It's so hard for kids to get rid of stuff isn't it?? specially toys!

I am glad Maya did it on her own and am more glad you were able to rescue the little baby hat. I think all moms treasure those! Hugs dear.
Thanks, sapphireblue! I'm relieved to have one item done for my holiday list.

I was really shocked that Maya went through her stuff so willingly, Claudia. It's usually a big struggle.

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