Incoming Mail

 Yuma, Arizona, postcard from Becky in Oregon.  Look at the gorgeous sunrise (or sunset) in the center photo.  Lovely!

 Carnival scene postcard from Claudia in California of Moncy3.  I actually used the photo from her blog.  How can a carnival not brighten your day?

 Malaprops Bookstore/Cafe in Asheville, North Carolina, from Dana in North Carolina of Save Snail Mail.  Certainly looks like a store I want to visit.

The Main Pyramid at Tula, Hidalgo, Mexico, from Elizabeth in Mexico of Letters to Meredith.  Since she sent this blank with a letter I have the bonus fun of sending the postcard to Joel in Arizona, who is the only person I know more appreciative of mail than I am.


yay! :) finally arrived!Besos!
GotThatSwing said…
Nice postcards. I esprcially like Mexico and Arizona ones:)
Claudia said…
So it went to Nebraska...shame on me!
And now to get something back in the mail to you soon, Elizabeth! :)

I like picture postcards, too, GotThatSwing. Kind of like armchair travel.

No worries, Claudia! I have the same problem of not always remembering what went where when I do mail together. :)

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