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Maya and my niece, Amanda, hanging with a lobster at the restaurant where Amanda works on Saturday, October 13.  I still think the "living creatures" exposure, including this lobster, my brother-in-law's bird, and a visit to the ABQ BioPark Aquarium, outranked the Balloon Fiesta.

Maya's back home tomorrow.  Happy dance.  

While I'm still fighting--or maybe "ignoring," at this point--a cold, I managed to work some fun into the weekend.  I had three outings with friends for food and coffee and a movie and dinner with Herb yesterday.  We saw Looper, and I'm still not entirely sure what I think about that movie.  Has anyone else seen Looper?

One of my favorite shows, The Walking Dead, also started their new season last night.  I'm not quite sure what I think about the season three premiere episode, either.  I guess viewers can't complain about a lack of walkers in this episode, though I'm grumbling that my hopes for a Daryl-Carol romance seem even less likely now.  Sigh.

How was your weekend?


Claire said…
there are a lot of people off sick at work at the moment with colds, must be the time of year! I worked all sat, and sat night! Sun i spent in front of the burner :)
Claudia said…
Yay for Maya back!

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