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Maya turning her fry into a smile at lunch one day in September.

Twenty-eight hours since I last saw Maya, and I'm pining.  I have a miserable cold, and I'm entirely convinced it's because I'm missing my girl.  Don't bother to share rational explanations like exposure to the cold virus because I know what really caused me to get sick.  I know.

Yes, Maya's off to New Mexico for family time and the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta with enough clothes and books for two girls.  She packs like her aunts, so my sister who drove can't complain.  I can complain, though, and did so while we packed.  

Yesterday also marked nineteen years since my dad died.  I'm amazed every year when I think about all of the different things, large and small, that have happened to my sisters and me during the years since he died.  Part of me always wonders how he could possibly have been gone for so long, and part of me thinks I just talked to him a few days ago.  Maybe that's because I really do hear him in my head at the most interesting times, saying exactly what he probably would have really said.

On a lighter note, did you know that this week, the week every year that includes October 9, is International Letter Writing Week?  Time to celebrate by breaking out the stationery to send a letter, card, or note to someone you care about.

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Claudia said…
How long will she stay there? Hope she's back soon so you can feel better. I totally know the feeling.
They plan to leave on Monday of next week, getting back home on Tuesday. I know she's having fun, but it's still bittersweet to be home without her. I know you know exactly what I mean, Claudia :)

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