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Here's Maya with a cheesy grin and the stuffed snake that "had" to come home with her after a fun day at zoo camp at the Lincoln Children's Zoo on Monday, October 1, a vacation day for elementary students here.

Highlights of Maya's day at the zoo included making two "great friends," attending the Humboldt penguins' show, riding the train, seeing a peacock steal her friend's sandwich at lunch, spending quality time with a rabbit, touching a tarantula, going where regular visitors to the zoo never get to go, and, of course, bringing home the stuffed snake in the photo.  She had a great day, and she proudly wore her neon green zoo camp t-shirt to school yesterday.

My father-in-law died last night.  Herb and his dad had, at best, a complicated, confusing relationship.  Maya and I never actually met my FIL, though we did talk to him on the phone and send "Maya mail" (photos of her and her notes with drawings).  We're still waiting for details about the service, with Herb deciding then on when exactly to head to Virginia.  I'm debating on whether or not to go along.

This is my moment to share something I learned when my own dad died in 1993.  When your relationship with someone isn't the way you hoped, and you have things left unsaid, that person's death hits you in unexpected ways.  We all know our lives are finite, yet we don't truly live as though that's the case.  If you have something you need to tell someone you care about, even if you want to tell them how much they hurt or disappointed you, don't wait.  Don't have regrets later that you can avoid by acting now.

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Claudia said…
I am glad that snake that Maya "had" to bring home is a stuffed one!

I am sorry to hear about your husband's loss. Death is always a shocker for those of us 'left behind'
and you are absolutely right once they're gone there's nothing that can be done to fix relationships.
Thanks for the kind words, Claudia.

If Maya could, she would have a real pet snake. So not happening!! :)

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