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Falling In by Frances O'Roark Dowell (2012)--Chapter book.  Maya calls this "the best book we've ever read."  Sixth-grader Isabelle Bean doesn't have any friends, and she knows her life doesn't quite fit.  Then she falls into another world through a door in the school nurse's office.  Where is she?  Why is she there?  Will she ever go home again?  Does she even want to go home again?  Highly recommended.

Dearly Departed, A Zombie Novel (2011) and Dearly Beloved, A Zombie Novel (2012) by Lia Habel--Young Adult.  In 2195, zombies are real, and Nora Dearly is busy fighting them when she falls for an undead soldier named Bram Griswold.  While their love begins during the first novel, their relationship faces society's censure during the second novel.  A very original, entertaining take on young paranormal love.  Highly recommended.

Naked (The Blackstone Affair) by Raine Miller (2012)--Romance.  Despite my dislike for the current trend to break what could easily be a regular novel into short, serial ebooks, I enjoyed this one enough to be anxiously waiting for parts two and three.  Just to warn you, though, the ending is abrupt and very much a hanging ended.  Elaina is seriously damaged, Ethan is older and domineering, and they're keeping important secrets from each other.  Highly recommended.


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