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Weekend in Photos--October 20 & 21, 2012

Maya attended a friend's ninth birthday party on Saturday at the University of Nebraska State Museum, also known as Morrill Hall.
 "Does it look like he's going to step on me?"
 Maya's favorite room in the museum.
 Yes, Nebraska used to have elephants.
 A warm, sunny, humid Sunday brought a trip to Vala's Pumpkin Patch, near Gretna, Nebraska, and a visit with a witch.
 Sometimes I wonder if Maya thinks we only go places for photo ops of her.
 "Where is the brake on this thing?"
 Maya's favorite part of the day was *almost* beating Daddy.
 Pumpkin tree near the line for the hayrack ride to the pumpkin fields.
We went with a regular girl, and we came home with a cheetah girl.

Blogs I Love

Moncy3. My lovely friend's blog. Highlights of her blog for me include following her beautiful family, Seasons of Change photos, and Etsy interviews. Her own wonderful Etsy sites are Moncy3 and Moncyscottage.

The Missive Maven.  If you're looking for a one-stop blog about writing letters and postcards, stamps, and finding pen pals, this is the one.

Something Beautiful: A Daily Appreciation.  Beautiful photos and her thoughts on them.

Kitty and Buck. Fashion and fun. Co-sponsor to Lovely Letters.

Modern Buttercup.  Style/Life/Vintage/Handmade. Co-sponsor to Lovely Letters.

Balloon Fiesta--October 11, 2012

My mom, Maya, and my niece, Amanda, at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.
Amanda and Maya.
Yes, Maya enjoyed her time in New Mexico.  The Balloon Fiesta is "awesome," and she's definitely going next year if Grandma and Aunt Laura go again.  Besides spending shapes day Thursday, when these photos were taken, at the Balloon Fiesta, they also attended the balloon glow, which includes a fireworks display.
Part of Maya's make-up assignment for missing three days of school last week involved keeping a journal of her trip.  Assuming the journal is eventually returned, I have Maya's permission to share her thoughts with you on this blog.  More soon, hopefully.

This and That

Maya and my niece, Amanda, hanging with a lobster at the restaurant where Amanda works on Saturday, October 13.  I still think the "living creatures" exposure, including this lobster, my brother-in-law's bird, and a visit to the ABQ BioPark Aquarium, outranked the Balloon Fiesta.
Maya's back home tomorrow.  Happy dance.  
While I'm still fighting--or maybe "ignoring," at this point--a cold, I managed to work some fun into the weekend.  I had three outings with friends for food and coffee and a movie and dinner with Herb yesterday.  We saw Looper, and I'm still not entirely sure what I think about that movie.  Has anyone else seen Looper?
One of my favorite shows, The Walking Dead, also started their new season last night.  I'm not quite sure what I think about the season three premiere episode, either.  I guess viewers can't complain about a lack of walkers in this episode, though I'm grumbling that my hopes for a Daryl-Carol romance se…

Bird Love--October 12, 2012

Maya with my brother-in-law's bird this morning.  I suspect this moment brought even more happiness than attending the Balloon Fiesta for shapes day yesterday.

Incoming Mail

Woman Reading by Jacques-Andre Portail from Becky in Oregon.  I love the look of dresses like that, though I can't imagine functioning on a daily basis in one.
 Drenthe postcard from Ellen in The Netherlands during her staycation with friends.
 Card from Rob in Pennsylvania.
Postcard from Becky in Oregon that explains without words why so many people move to the Portland area.

This and That

Maya turning her fry into a smile at lunch one day in September.
Twenty-eight hours since I last saw Maya, and I'm pining.  I have a miserable cold, and I'm entirely convinced it's because I'm missing my girl.  Don't bother to share rational explanations like exposure to the cold virus because I know what really caused me to get sick.  I know.
Yes, Maya's off to New Mexico for family time and the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta with enough clothes and books for two girls.  She packs like her aunts, so my sister who drove can't complain.  I can complain, though, and did so while we packed.  
Yesterday also marked nineteen years since my dad died.  I'm amazed every year when I think about all of the different things, large and small, that have happened to my sisters and me during the years since he died.  Part of me always wonders how he could possibly have been gone for so long, and part of me thinks I just talked to him a few days ago.  Maybe …

Blogs I Love

Christian Yuen.  Chinese college student blogger.  Gorgeous photos.
A Flood of Memories.  Really fun mail blog.
I am Rushmore.  Artist with a fun take on life.
Lit and Life.  Cool book blog from a fellow Nebraskan.

Lou La La.  Lovely English mail blog from one of my friends.  She's also looking for new pen pals!
Penpal of the Week.  Julie not only blogs here, she's also the genius behind La Papierre, one of my favorite Etsy sites for stationery shopping.  [Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to Julie and everyone else in Canada!]
I'd love to see links to some of your favorite blogs.  Please share.  

Recent Reads

Ghosthunters Series by Cornelia Funke--Chapter books.  Maya enjoys the action and humor involved with finding the ghosts.  I appreciate the sharp ghosthunter team of a grandmotherly Hetty Hyssop, a young boy named Tom, and a friendly ghost named Hugo.  Recommended.

Unravel Me by Kendall Ryan (2012)--Romance.  Psychology student Ashlyn falls for a man she's studying for her doctoral thesis.  Ethics aside, the big issue is that "Logan" has amnesia and is considered the prime suspect in a vicious murder.  Recommended.

Joy Ride by Desiree Holt (2011)--Romance.  Emma, tired of having a predictable career and an even more predictable fiance, goes to a rock bar for the first time, and heads home with a guitarist.  Marc knows he wants more than just a fling with the woman who won't even tell him her name, but what does Emma really want?  Highly recommended.

The Sacrifice by Evangeline Anderson (2012)--Romance.  Anderson is a hit-and-miss author for me, and this one is more of a…

This and That

Here's Maya with a cheesy grin and the stuffed snake that "had" to come home with her after a fun day at zoo camp at the Lincoln Children's Zoo on Monday, October 1, a vacation day for elementary students here.
Highlights of Maya's day at the zoo included making two "great friends," attending the Humboldt penguins' show, riding the train, seeing a peacock steal her friend's sandwich at lunch, spending quality time with a rabbit, touching a tarantula, going where regular visitors to the zoo never get to go, and, of course, bringing home the stuffed snake in the photo.  She had a great day, and she proudly wore her neon green zoo camp t-shirt to school yesterday.
My father-in-law died last night.  Herb and his dad had, at best, a complicated, confusing relationship.  Maya and I never actually met my FIL, though we did talk to him on the phone and send "Maya mail" (photos of her and her notes with drawings).  We're still waiting for …

Recent Reads

Falling In by Frances O'Roark Dowell (2012)--Chapter book.  Maya calls this "the best book we've ever read."  Sixth-grader Isabelle Bean doesn't have any friends, and she knows her life doesn't quite fit.  Then she falls into another world through a door in the school nurse's office.  Where is she?  Why is she there?  Will she ever go home again?  Does she even want to go home again?  Highly recommended.

Dearly Departed, A Zombie Novel (2011) and Dearly Beloved, A Zombie Novel (2012) by Lia Habel--Young Adult.  In 2195, zombies are real, and Nora Dearly is busy fighting them when she falls for an undead soldier named Bram Griswold.  While their love begins during the first novel, their relationship faces society's censure during the second novel.  A very original, entertaining take on young paranormal love.  Highly recommended.

Naked (The Blackstone Affair) by Raine Miller (2012)--Romance.  Despite my dislike for the current trend to break what could ea…