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Maya said I didn't include her favorite photo from our September 8 zoo visit in my last blog post, so here she is with a river otter.

Anyone else recently leave Facebook?  I'm not a fan of the timeline format at all, so I decided to deactivate my account soon after being forced into the transition.  Deactivating, as opposed to deleting, my account does leave the option of returning at some point.  So far, I can't say I'm missing Facebook, though.

Is everyone else reading this in the U.S. ready for the November Presidential election to just be over? Most of my international pen pals asked at one time or another over recent months about my plans for voting.  I don't mind sharing that my vote grudgingly goes to President Obama again.  My 2008 vote in the general election for President Obama was also grudging, so, never a fan, I can't say I'm one of his disenchanted 2008 supporters.  (I did vote for Hillary Clinton in my state's 2008 primary, and, going way back to the start of the Democratic race for the nomination in 2008, my biggest concern of the time was whether to vote for Clinton or John Edwards.  I used to be a huge Edwards' supporter, so I certainly understand political disillusionment all too well.)

Hope your week is off to a wonderful start!


Lou La La said…
Hiya, it's me! Sorry for the delay I have been away in hospital for over 3 months. Im back home now and cant wait to send mail! :-) Aww that's a lovely photo of Maya! Facebook can be very annoying changing all the time! I'm going to have a read of your posts and see what you've been doing :-)
Oh, no, Lou; I'm so sorry to hear that you were in the hospital. I'm so glad that you're home now, and I hope you're doing and feeling very well. More in a letter soon.
Claudia said…
I have a love hate relationship with FB...
sapphireblue said…
I already had to unfriend someone from my facebook for starting an argument on my husband's page just for kicks.
Becky said…
I figured you'd left FB when I hadn't seen a post for awhile. I'll need to check in here more often now!
I share your comments about voting... At the Thanksgiving table this year, I'm going to be thankful that the election is over!

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