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Butterfly Love

Last fall, during second grade, Maya's class watched a group of butterflies go through their life cycle.  That was the highlight of the entire year for Maya, so I agreed when she asked to order a butterfly kit to use at home.
Four of the five butterflies emerged in perfect condition, and we sent them on their way into the world on Wednesday.  The fifth butterfly has crimped wings, so is unable to fly, and Maya plans to keep "him" in the butterfly house and provide a sugar water diet for as long as he lives.
 Maya on the release day, September 26, for four of the butterflies.
Not a bad home for their start in life.

Recent Reads

Jeannie Out of the Bottle by Barbara Eden with Wendy Leigh (2011)--Autobiography.  When I was a little girl, I wanted to either be Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie or Samantha from Bewitched.  Yep, a genie or a witch--and I still wish those could be options.  Eden shares her actual life story, personal and career, with humor and grace.  Recommended.

Knight in Black Leather by Gail Dayton (2011)--Romance.  Thirty-nine-year-old widow Marilyn is saved from a mugging by twenty-five-year-old Eli, only to rescue him the same night from a severe beating.  The unlikely pair slowly moves into a strong relationship complicated by their family commitments and Eli's sad, troubled past.  Honestly, I wasn't sure this book would provide a HEA ending, and that's not a negative.  Highly recommended.

Bone Deep by Bonnie Dee (2012)--Historical romance.  In 1946, war widow Sarah lives alone on her husband's family farm until Tom, completely covered in body art, escapes from the abuse he face…

Love Letters: A Swap

Here's a lovely swap, set to close on Thursday, for anyone interested in finding a new pen pal.

For more information, head over to Modern Buttercup, co-host of the swap.  (Everything listed below is cut and pasted directly from her blog.)
We'd love for you to take part in the exchange! If you're interested, this is how it will work:

You need to commit to sending 4 letters over an 8 week period. We will assign partners and you will share letters back and forth for the duration of the project. Only sign up if you can commit to sending the 4 letters, nobody wants to miss out on receiving some lovely letters! Each fortnight we will post a new project which will tell you the theme of that fortnight's exchange. At the end of the letter exchange, you have the option to take part in a package exchange too, just in time for Christmas! This part is optional, but so much fun! The exchange is open internationally, we will try to pair you with someone in your area to keep…

This and That

Maya said I didn't include her favorite photo from our September 8 zoo visit in my last blog post, so here she is with a river otter.

Anyone else recently leave Facebook?  I'm not a fan of the timeline format at all, so I decided to deactivate my account soon after being forced into the transition.  Deactivating, as opposed to deleting, my account does leave the option of returning at some point.  So far, I can't say I'm missing Facebook, though.

Is everyone else reading this in the U.S. ready for the November Presidential election to just be over? Most of my international pen pals asked at one time or another over recent months about my plans for voting.  I don't mind sharing that my vote grudgingly goes to President Obama again.  My 2008 vote in the general election for President Obama was also grudging, so, never a fan, I can't say I'm one of his disenchanted 2008 supporters.  (I did vote for Hillary Clinton in my state's 2008 primary, and, going wa…

Lincoln Children's Zoo--September 8, 2012

Maya and I spent a lovely afternoon at the Lincoln Children's Zoo on September 8.
 Green tree python.
 Greenbottle blue tarantula.
 American kestrel.
 Maya with a curious pygmy marmoset.
 Panther chameleon.
 Maya enjoying a pony ride.
 Humboldt penguins.
Peacock. They have free roam of the zoo.

Incoming Mail

Butterfly card from Les in Maine.  The sparkly prettiness shows better in real life.  :)
 Postcard from Tami in Oregon of A Mother's Musings.  I love anything Italian.
Butterfly card from Sherri Kay in Wisconsin.
 Card from Barbara in South Carolina.  How can anyone look at Snoopy and Woodstock and not smile?

Postcard from Iris in Germany during her trip to Scotland.

 True words from Wanda in Canada, "It's not just chocolate. It's my life."

 Postcrossing card of Catherine's Bridge from Russia.

Postcrossing card from China.

This and That

Maya and Muffin in Maya's room.  Yes, Muffin is actually asleep in this photo, though that didn't last because Maya can only sit still for so long.
What makes for a really long week at work?  Coming off of a three-day weekend.  For some reason, those shorter weeks actually seem longer.  Still worth facing a week that drags to have a long weekend, of course.
We had a really nice, relaxing three-day weekend for Labor Day, too.  We had some friends and family over on Sunday for some good food and conversation.  Then Maya and I went to lunch with my best friend yesterday.  Otherwise, we kept busy with cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning and lots of reading.  Yes, reading is the reward for the time spent cleaning!  
How was your weekend?