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As an aside, am I the only one who isn't a fan of the current trend to publish a romance book in a series of, say, four to eight very short ebooks?  This is even worse than the trend to have long romance series that I lose interest in reading after about book three, usually.

Sarah's Surrender by Lynda Chance (2012)--Romance.  Part of the Ranchers of Chatum County series, John, a minor character in Chance's Staking His Claim, meets his match in teacher Sarah.  If you like your hero arrogant and overbearing and the attraction between a couple hot and immediate, you can't go wrong with a book by Chance.  Highly recommended.

Mobster's Girl by Amy Rachiele (2012)--Young Adult.  Antonio, son of a Mob boss, kept away from Megan for as long as he could, as ordered by his father.  Now a high school senior, Antonio's deeply involved in the family business and ready for his chance with Megan.  I'm already ready for the sequel, despite some editing errors.  Recommended.

Whole Latte Life by Joanne DeMaio (2012)--Women's Fiction.  Spending a girls' weekend in New York City sounds like a great way for best friends Sara Beth and Rachel to mark their fortieth birthdays.  When Sara Beth walks away from lunch, with only a note left behind to explain that she needs some time to herself, Rachel doesn't know what to do.  This books covers a lot of territory--friendship, grief, the price of family, and dreams left behind.  Neither woman is living the life she expected to live, and changes are coming.  Recommended.


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