Lancaster County Fair--August 4, 2012

We had a fantastic break from the hot weather last Saturday, just in time to spend the evening on the midway at our local county fair.  Her wrist band for an evening of unlimited rides cost $25, and she managed to go on everything she wanted despite fairly long lines.  We shared our annual funnel cake fix for $6.  Very fun evening!

 This is the ride Maya decided to Never Ride Ever Again last year.

 This is Maya ready to have the ride she planned to never ride again start.  

 Ready to roll again.

Her favorite ride is the Ferris wheel since you can "see everything."


Becky said…
Ferris wheel's my favorite, too! No heart-racing moments unless your seatmate rocks the boat!
Maya went on the Ferris wheel with two teenage strangers, so we're lucky they didn't rock, Becky.
Claudia said…
kids love those rides...on the the other hand we adults get a queazy stomach least I do :(

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