First Day of Third Grade--August 14, 2012

 Maya at our house, all set to go to her first day of third grade.

 She had her headband at Grandma's house, so here's the full effect for her first-day look.

For comparison, this is her first day of second grade photo.  That day certainly seems like about last week instead of a year ago.


Julie said…
Wow, Maya looks stunning! But does school start early like that everywhere in the USA? Louis-Justin only starts on the 29th...
Becky said…
I love the look with the headband!
Thank you for the compliments. Maya definitely has strong ideas about how she wants to look. I try to just go with it.

We have the earliest start date I've heard about, Julie. Omaha, which is about an hour away, starts back on August 20th, and I've heard of several places starting on September 4th. Good luck to Louis-Justin with his year!

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