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My lovely niece, Amanda, and her little buddy, Leo, taking a trek in New Mexico.  Leo has an overbite, so he always has a growl-like look on his face.  Too cute!

Maya had a big weekend with a friend's swimming pool birthday party on Saturday and a pizza and movie party at her Brownie (Girl Scouts) troop leader's house last night.  I did really exciting things like go grocery shopping.  Somehow, she had the better weekend!  How was your weekend?

Laura, my sister from Iowa, is spending most of this week in Lincoln, staying at my mom's house.  We're looking forward to eating out, shopping, swimming, and just hanging out and chatting with her.

Did anyone else watch the opening ceremony for the Olympics?  If so, what did you think?  Maya and I loved watching, but we seem to be in the minority.  Maya was in charge of reading every country's name, population, and number of athletes in the games during the parade of nations.  We loved the Indian women's dresses, "all the pretty red-haired girls" (Maya's comment) from Ireland, and so on. 

Are you watching any of the games?  Jordan Larson, one of the American women's volleyball team members, is one Olympian we're watching.  She's from Hooper, Nebraska, population 833.  Maya also likes American swimmer Ryan Lochte because she thinks he's cute.  Otherwise, we're picking more favorites, and definitely not just Americans, as we go along.  Trust me, Maya gave a big "whoo-hoo" for the Great Britain team at the opening ceremonies.  She still says she's moving to London one day.  We also have a tendency to root for anyone from a smaller country.

Hope you have a wonderful week!


sapphireblue said…
I watched the opening ceremonies. I liked China's better, but the parachuting queen was hilarious.
Claudia said…
I didn't watch the whole ceremony unfortunately, I saw the entrance of various countries. My husband loves boxing and soccer so we watched some of that on Sunday. I myself like gymnastics. I would love it if Sophia was as excited as Maya is :/
@sapphireblue--Sadly, I didn't see the opening ceremonies for Beijing. I agree about the James Bond/Queen part being hilarious.

@Claudia--I'm really shocked Maya is so interested. I honestly think the location is a major reason for her excitement because she really is a young Anglophile.
Becky said…
I watched some, but missed the queen's scene and then saw it later at various places. Hooper is 7 miles from the town I grew up in: Scribner, pop. (1961) was 1021.
That's cool that Jordanis from so close to where you were raised, Becky. I think she's representing Hooper and Nebraska and the United States really well.

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