This and That

Another cool wild peacock photo, courtesy of my goddaughter, Shon.

This summer is just passing too quickly.  Maya's school open house, where we meet her teacher and see her classroom, is August 9th.  The first day of third grade is August 16th.  Didn't she just finish second grade??

Some of the joys we're experiencing and appreciating this summer:

--Fresh sweet corn and cucumbers

--Maya working to fill her entire notebook, a gift from her new teacher during the move ahead time at the end of last year, with "juicy words" before school starts again

--Family time with my sisters and nieces

--Birthday celebrations

--Reading lots of Magic Treehouse chapter books

--Postcrossing postcards for geography and culture lessons

--Swimming lessons for Maya, the little fish

--New puppies at my friend's house and the house next door--some of the fun and none of the work of having our own new puppy

How's everything going with you?


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