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Hearts in Darkness by Laura Kaye (2011)--Romance.  Trapped in the dark in an elevator, two strangers share an evening of deep thoughts, humor, and strong chemistry.  Then the lights return.  Quick read about two interesting, though very different, characters.  Highly recommended.

Try by Lily Burana (2010)--Romance.  A relationship between a middle-aged rodeo cowboy and a young artist that reads more like a realistic, "lives of quiet desperation" story than a fairy tale romance.  I admit I left the book feeling sad and unsettled.  Highly recommended.

Ishmael Toffee by Roger Smith (2012)--Thriller.  Novella about a man just released from prison who becomes friends with a little girl who is being abused by her father.  What does he do?  Quick, dark read written by a now must-read author for me.  Highly recommended.


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