Incoming Mail, June 21-July 6, 2012

A 2002 Sisters, Oregon, quilt show photo postcard from Becky in Oregon.  I have to say her postcards are making me yearn for a trip to Oregon during the time of the show!

Another lovely quilt show postcard from Becky.  I think this would be particularly nice hanging in a library.

Mail from Elizabeth in Mexico of My Air-Mail.  She received my name in the Package Pal swap held by Shannah at Write Before Your Eyes.

Aren't the stamps from Elizabeth's envelope lovely?  And, yes, she hand-splattered the paint on the beautiful envelope, too.

Letter from Barbara in South Carolina.  She's one of my longest-term pen pals.  We "met" through Suzy's Zoo when the company had a newsletter that included ads for pen pals.

Letter from Sherri Kay in Wisconsin.  She's another one of my longest-term pen pals, and we also "met" through Suzy's Zoo.

Maya made this butterfly at daycare, and she said, "Mail for you" when she handed it to me.  Cute!


:) Im glad that you like :) Just for know, the little doll was inside? :o
Hi, Elizabeth! Yes, the Mayan doll arrived safely. My daughter, Maya, is so excited you sent it because she's interested in everything Mayan. :) Thanks again!
Becky said…
Love the butterfly ! The Sister's quilt show is on the same Saturday in July every year... you just let me know when you want to come visit, and I'll be your Oregon tour guide, which includes transit to/from airport and quilt show! p.s. Our temps here west of the Cascades have only just gone above 80 this past week ... another incentive to visit perhaps.

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