Incoming Mail--July 7-12, 2012

Multiview postcard of Abensberg and long, long letter from Stefan in Germany.

First letter from Susi in Germany of Letter is Better.  Dolphins and dogs are my favorites, so her stationery choice couldn't have been better.

Postcard from Becky in Oregon of Henry Bacon's 1877 painting On the Open Sea--The Transatlantic Steamship "Pereire."  Maya grudgingly accepts this isn't actually a scene from the Titanic, one of her interests, because of the information on the back of card, not because her mother says so!

Letter from Sherri Kay in Wisconsin.  The anonymous quote reads, "When you help someone up a hill, you get that much closer to the top yourself."

Letter from Wanda in Canada.  The quote on the card is from Rabindranath Tagore and reads, "The butterfly counts not months but moments. . .and has time enough."  Butterflies run a close second to dogs and dolphins for me.


Susi Letter said…
Oh, I didn´t know that you love dolphins. So I´m happy about my choice of paper! ;)
You really did make the perfect choice. Thank you!

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