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My goddaughter, Shon, snapped this group of wild peacocks just outside of Lincoln.  Aren't they lovely?  [Thanks for letting me post your photo, Shon!]

Although I'm just getting started with posting my mail to this blog, I'm already making changes.  I'm going to attempt to post every piece of incoming mail, but I decided to only post some of the outgoing mail, including first-time postcards and cards.

I'm also changing the way I blog about books.  You may have noticed no recent blog postings about books, but don't think that means I'm not reading.  That pretty much means I'm burned out on writing book posts.  Instead, I'm going to write infrequent book posts with short comments about multiple books.  I think--we'll see how that goes once I get started.

Your thoughts are always appreciated about blog changes.

Maya left for Alabama yesterday with my mom, my sisters, and my nieces.  This is Maya's first road trip longer than three hours.  She survived day one, when they traveled from Lincoln, Nebraska, to Marion, Illinois.  Her reward?  Swimming in the hotel pool with her cousins, who are nineteen and twenty and spoil her rotten.

My big plan for Maya's time away, besides coffee with a friend yesterday, dinner with my best friend tonight, and "date night" with Herb tomorrow, is to organize my stationery.  Seriously, I have enough stationery to last the most prolific writer for a couple of lifetimes, so this project is more ambitious than you may think.  Wish me luck.

What are your plans for the weekend?  Enjoy!


Becky said…
Good luck with the stationery... I enjoy your blog writing, whatever the content!
Anonymous said…
You know, it's funny about book posts. I tried doing book reviews on my blog for awhile, and I burned out very quickly. I thought it was on blogging in general but I think it was on books. Trying too much to analyze the books I read sapped my enjoyment of them.

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