Package Pals--Deadline June 10, 2012

Shannah, with a lovely blog over at Write Before Your Eyes, is holding a package exchange.  Here are the details, as copied directly from her post.

Be sure to read this thoroughly!!

Many bloggers have this going right now, so I thought I'd host one as well. I'm calling it Package Pals.

So, it's basically a project where, if you want to participate, you get assigned a partner that you send a package to. What you do once you get assigned a partner is basically stalk their blog and find out their interests. Maybe send them an e-mail or two (but do NOT tell them you are their package pal!) Once you discover some things they like, you send them a package. It doesn't have to be too expensive, and it can even be nice handmade gifts. Make it interesting and thoughtful though!

If you'd like to participate, send me an email titled "Package Pal" telling me you'd like to participate. Send me your name and current mailing address so that I may find you a package pal. Also, you can send me a preference of either getting a partner from within your country or if you would like international. Or if it doesn't matter to you, just let me know!

There will be a deadline for entering, and a deadline for sending off your package.

If you decide after sending me the email that you no longer want to participate, please let me know no later than a week after sending it!

Well, this officially starts now, even though I may tweak this post a bit.

My e-mail is

You must have a BLOG to participate!

When you e-mail me to sign up, send me a link to your blog!!

Starting date- May 28,2012

Last day to sign up to participate- June 10, 2012

Last day to opt out- June 17, 2012

Distribution of Pals- June 18, 2012

Deadline to send your package off(although you can send it sooner)- June 30, 2012

Also, if you are a participant, please reblog this post so that others may participate. The larger the group, the better!




shannah said…
Thanks for the reblog! :) This is going to be so fun!

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