Outgoing Mail--June 6-10, 2012

This is a work-in-progress, so please share your thoughts on ways I can improve sharing my incoming and outgoing mail with you.  I'm very open to suggestions.  I already decided I won't be taking photos with the tablecloth in place--too distracting for a background.  Anything else annoying?

Mail to Wanda in Canada,* my sister Michele in New Mexico, stack of Vegas postcards for Joel in Arizona,** and a Chicago postcard for my sailor e-pal. [Maya made the cool bookmark at the top in daycare, and she just let me borrow the bookmark for the photo!]

Postcard for Postcrossing, stamps for Wanda in Canada, letter to Penny in Canada, letter to Dana in North Carolina of Save Snail Mail, card to Keli in Lincoln, letter to Tami in Oregon of A Mother's Musings, and card to Penny in Canada.

 More postcards for Postcrossing and letters to Dmitry in Russia and Birte in Germany.

Stamps for Wanda in Canada, card for Les in Maine, letter to Mariza in The Netherlands, letter to Iris in Germay, and a letter from Maya to her Iranian pen pal via Amy in Massachusetts.  [Borrowing some of Maya's artwork from daycare for the coverage at the top.]

Vegas postcards for Joel in Arizona, Chicago and Nebraska and Iowa postcards to Postcrossing, letter to Barbara in South Carolina, and card to Kym in Colorado.  I'm running through my address book to send a booklet of wolf postcards.

Whew!  Any questions?

*Wanda in Canada gets a lot of mail from me because I send her used stamps, so most of her envelopes don't contain actual letters.

**Joel in Arizona is my autistic friend, and I try to mail postcards to him every week.  He may be the only person who appreciates receiving mail more than I do!


Claire said…
ooo so much mail! heaven! i agree about the table cloth...apart from that its fine! :)
Anonymous said…
I love seeing all your mail! As far as photos go, maybe going sideways with the angle so you can still get just as much in the shot, but a little closer up? I'm no expert at mail photos either, I just know I often find myself leaning to a few inches from my screen trying to see this or that. :-)

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