Maya's Birthday--June 15, 2012

 Maya waiting for her strawberry Belgian waffle breakfast at Perkins.

 Maya feeding cat food to the koi at Granite City after lunch.

The koi enjoying their snack.

I'm glad I decided to take a vacation day from work because we had so much fun just hanging out on Maya's birthday.  Besides breakfast and lunch, we went to Target, spent a couple of hours with my mom at her house, and ate dinner at Outback with Herb, my best friend/Maya's godmother, Keli, and my goddaughter/Maya's godsister, Shon.

And now my "baby" is eight!!


Deirdra A. Eden said…
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Claudia said…
I think one of the happiest day for kids are their Birthdays! I love Maya's smile on the first picture ;)
sapphireblue said…
She's growing up too fast for me.

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