Joslyn Art Museum--May 27, 2012

We visited the Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha, Nebraska, about an hour from our home by car, on May 27.  We originally visited to see the special Egyptian exhibit on loan from the Brooklyn Museum, though we found the actual exhibit a little underwhelming.  As Herb said, we'll probably never get to Egypt, though, so we're glad we had the opportunity.  

They didn't allow photography in the special exhibit, so here is some of the permanent collection:

 The tiled fountain is Maya's favorite part of the Joslyn.

Cirium by Kenneth Noland, 1964--One of Maya's favorite pieces.

 Morning Tree by Pat Steir, 1983--Another of Maya's favorites.

 The Pearl of Venice by Thomas Moran, 1899--My favorite piece in the entire collection.

 Punch bowl from 1893--Maya likes the bling.

 The Battle of Imbros by Giovanni Raggi, 1717--One of Herb's favorites from the collection.

Chihuly: Inside and Out by Dale Chihuly--You can also see part of the sculpture garden and Omaha Central High School through the window.

Sculpture garden piece by John Coleman, 2008, subject Adding-hiddisch, Hidatsa chief, based on a work by Karl Bodmer--Another of Herb's favorites.


sapphireblue said…
Maya is growing up so fast.
scott davidson said…
Beautiful banner at your site as well, I am reminded of some wall paintings by the Mexican artist, Diego Rivera, such as this one You browse more murals of his at

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