Incoming Mail--June 6-13, 2012

"I feel a sin coming on" postcard from Tami in Oregon of A Mother's Musings.  Manatee and St. Augustine postcards from Michele, my sister in New Mexico, sent during her Florida vacation with my brother-in-law and nephew.

 A Suzy's Zoo card and letter, also sent by Michele during her Florida vacation.

Orange envelope and lined letter sent by Stefan in Germany.  Blue envelope sent by Gerdie of Germany.  I "met" them through Letternet.

Letter from Wanda in Canada.  The cupcake ribbon I used to cover Wanda's address is from Anna (see below).

Drawing of her dog included in a letter from Anna in Oregon of The Lettering.  You can also get an awesome letter from Anna by clicking on Get a Letter at her blog and either completing the form or sending her an e-mail.


sapphireblue said…
Oh man! I haven't seen Suzy Zoo in ages.
Becky said…
I love getting mail from you and will make a bigger effort to return the favor!

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