Incoming Mail, June 21-26, 2012

Cute washi tape on the envelope of a letter from Ellen in The Netherlands.  We "met" through Postcrossing several years ago.  She sent a letter filled with photos, scenic and personal.  I really like Dutch windmills, probably because they remind me of my grandparents and their farm with the American windmill, and Ellen included a photo of one near her home.  Lovely!

Gorgeous stamp on a Postcrossing postcard from Finland.

Card with fun inserts from Les in Maine.  Which is cuter--the Mary Engelbreit design with the girl on the reindeer or the lobster on the return address label?  I say a tie.

First-time letter from So-Jin in England.  I'm looking forward to getting to know her better.  Have you ever seen prettier handwriting?  The paper is from France, and fine to the point of distraction.

Maya sent this Missouri postcard while on her journey to Huntsville, Alabama, for the family reunion. Start them young on the addiction to mail. . . .


sapphireblue said…
Very cool! I need to get back into penpalling.

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