Hot Rod Super Nationals--May 26, 2012

I'm on a mission to get Maya and me to more places and events held in or near where we live (Lincoln, Nebraska, middle of the United States), especially during the decent driving weather of the spring and summer months.  Our own, ongoing "staycation."

We braved the heat (97 degrees F/36.11 degrees C) and humidity on May 26 to attend the Hot Rod Super Nationals, conveniently held near our home.  For your viewing pleasure:

 "What do you mean my lips are blue?  Do you just want to take another picture of me?"  [Do you think maybe I request too many photo ops from Maya??]

 Maya's favorite car at the show.  Wouldn't she look cute driving around in a pink car?

My favorite car at the show.  Really, they were all beautiful, and we had a great time looking.


sapphireblue said…
Those are some fancy cars!!
Claire said…
love the 50's cars, they have a few shows around here. if i won the lotto i would have a pick up truck :)

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