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I'm about halfway through my postcard project, so I expect a busy evening and day tomorrow, plus a trip to the post office before the final mail pick-up tomorrow afternoon.  At least postcards don't take very long to write!

Anyone making fun plans to celebrate Mother's Day this weekend?  My sister and niece plan to visit from Iowa, and Maya and her choir group sing at church on Sunday.  Poor Herb isn't a big fan of celebrations, and he made the effort to plan our Mother's Day before learning about my sister and niece's visit.  Hopefully, we can still celebrate his way on another Sunday instead.

The end of second grade is almost here for Maya.  So far, her end-of-the-year activities include Nature Night and a class field trip to the Pioneers Park Nature Center.  She has Fun Night tonight (Maya already me I can't write postcards while we're there), a class field trip to the main location for our local public library next week, and lunch and play time at a local park the following week.  School ends on May 24, and summer adventures begin then.

What's new in your part of the world?


WritingGoddess said…
Hey lady . . . . did you get my postcard? I am worried that I haven't heard from you . . . . .
Lou La La said…
Lovely seeing your news! Ohh! School breaks up early for summer your way! We don't finish until end of June. Not that I'm counting ;-) I hope that you and Maya are getting ready to take some pics of the activities and party things i sent teheee :-)
Writing Goddess--Letter heading your way soon, and I hope my postcard arrived safely. Thanks for your postcard!

Lou La La--Maya is working on a special "thank you" for you because we love your package. You're so thoughtful!

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