This and That

Lots of celebrations for this first full week in May--National Postcard Week, Children's Book Week, and Nurses' Week.  Plus, the week is bordered by last Saturday's Cinco de Mayo and next Sunday's Mother's Day.

I'm working my way through my address book, planning to mail everyone a postcard over the course of this week.  Are you in my address book?  If not, feel free to send me an e-mail at with your address.

How fitting that Maurice Sendak, most noted for Where the Wild Things Are, died during Children's Book Week.  "Please don't go.  We'll eat you up.  We love you so."  Thanks for the memories.

Hope you're having a great week filled with reasons to celebrate.


DB said…
So interesting that Maurice Sendak died during Childrenn's Book week! I applaud your sending postcards to all of your contacts. I sent about 8 this week. I found awesome postcards about disgruntled workers that my friends have really been enjoying!

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