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Here's the new Louisiana stamp, released in honor of 200 years of statehood.  This might be my all-time favorite U.S. postage stamp, but I'm reading mixed reviews from others.  What do you think?  [Vote in my poll, please!]

Maya had a great time at her "vacation home," aka my sister Laura's house, in Iowa over the weekend.  She helped bake a cake, saw deer when delivering the cake to Laura's friend, spent time in the hot tub, attended my sister Michele's grandmother-in-law's 99th birthday party, went to see The Three Stooges, and talked Grandma into buying her a Cinderella watch, swimsuit, and water guns.  Way better than a weekend spent at home, no doubt.

I accomplished almost all of my list of things to do over the weekend.  The fun parts included coffee with a friend, dinner with a different friend, and a movie and bar date with Herb.  I never go to bars, though, and this served as a good reminder of why I don't go to bars.  Being around people drinking to get drunk makes me uncomfortable, especially when they all look too young to even be in a bar.

Herb and I saw Safe, starring Jason Statham.  I always enjoy looking at Statham, but this movie had a little too much violence for me.  Lots of shooting and dead people.  Herb's more of the action-adventure fan, and he gave the movie an "okay."

Maya considers The Three Stooges absolutely hilarious.  She could barely talk through her giggles when describing her favorite scene, involving babies in a nursery.  My mom didn't care for the movie.

What's new with you?


Claudia said…
Kids are always spoiled by other relatives and of course they love that!
DB said…
I love the Louisiana stamp and can't wait to get some to use on my New Orleans stationery!
Lou La La said…
Hiya aw you've been busy. Catching up with people in cafes is the best and Mayas adventures sound fab x

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