Memorial Day

Memorial Day to me means memories of going to visit graves with my grandparents while listening to stories about those extended family members and friends.

Memorial Day to me means watching the faces of the veterans during the ceremonies in honor of their fallen friends.

Memorial Day to me means the true start of summer.

Memorial Day to me means peonies, family time, good food.

Most of all, Memorial Day to me means thinking about the people I miss.


Becky said…
This year, Vern & I did some reminiscing about Memorial Day. In our youthful school days, we were each required to memorize "In Flanders Fields" and "The Gettysburg Address." And then those pieces were recited ( Vern's case, the poem was recited by the Boys State attendee, and in my case, the speaker was chosen by teachers) at Memorial Day events in our home towns, usually accompanied by local veteran flagbearers or by the high school band's contribution.

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