Last Week of School

Today is Maya's last day of second grade, complete with a picnic at a local park.  Although she's excited about summer vacation, she's sad about leaving her teacher and not having time with her friends.  That bittersweet feeling is certainly the sign of a good year.

On Saturday, we shopped for Maya's end-of-year teacher gift.  I suggested a gift card from Barnes & Noble, but Maya chose a dog coffee mug and a pocket book of crossword puzzles.  Mrs. H's child is her Pug, and she likes crossword puzzles.  That works for me.  Of course, Maya selected a huge gift bag for her (relatively) small gifts, and that went to school today filled to overflowing with various colors of tissue paper.

On Monday, the six children in her class with summer birthdays celebrated.  Maya contributed cupcakes for the party.  She came home with a card signed by her classmates and a cute pencil from her teacher.

On Tuesday, Maya met her third grade teacher and classmates during an afternoon "move up" session.  One of her friends from kindergarten is finally in her class again, and I'm just as pleased as Maya because I work with the girl's mom.  We usually chat at the girls' meetings for Brownies.

Maya's homework for the summer, as assigned by next year's teacher--read every day.  Somehow, I think that's pretty painless for our household to accomplish!

What's new with you?  Any fun plans for the summer?


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