Are you as ready for the weekend as I am??  Some weeks at work just seem longer than others.  Sigh.

Maya has today off from school, so she headed to Iowa with my mom to visit my sister for the weekend.  Maya is quite happy to be away because, she "needs a break from school and my parents."  Yes, I think there's definitely a teenage attitude lurking inside my seven-year-old's body.

I'm looking forward to some free time this weekend, though.  So far, my plans include another trip to Target for more organizing supplies, getting the kitchen pantry in order, going through Maya's books for an upcoming used book sale at my hospital, a movie with Herb, writing letters, possibly coffee with a friend, and SLEEP.  Yes, I'm *so* ready for the weekend.

Hope you have some fun plans for the weekend.  Be good to yourself. 


WritingGoddess said…
And maybe a letter to that lovely new friend of yours in Oregon . . . . ?
Claudia said…
Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

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