This and That

Muffin, Maya with a couple of stuffed animal friends, and Allie hanging out at the house on Sunday, April 22. 

I'm officially going back to wearing just glasses.  I think.  Unless I change my mind.  I started wearing glasses in the fourth grade (age 10), and I moved to contacts in the seventh grade (age 13).  Although I don't know the cause--the aging process/hormones, allergies, or something else entirely--my eyes just haven't been happy with contacts lately.  Having your eyes feel gritty and watery is pretty distracting and makes for a long day.

I have a new (inanimate) friend.  All of the photocopiers at the hospital where I work are being upgraded over the next couple of months.  Lucky me to have the library included on day two of the installation process.  The new copier/printer/scanner/fax is so much better than the old (and I do mean *old*) machine.  Happy dance!

I also enjoyed the Month of Letters challenge so much that I decided to unofficially, and flexibly, try sending a letter, card, or postcard a day on an indefinite basis, starting this week.  Watch your mailbox!

What's new with you?  Have you made any changes in your life lately?


Claudia said…
Congratulations on the new copier! :)
Thanks, Claudia! I'm ridiculously excited. :)
sapphireblue said…
I had to stop wearing contacts. It was just too annoying.

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