Sheltered by Charlotte Stein

Charlotte Stein's Sheltered (2012) has sweet, smart, brave Evie, exciting, sweet, smart Van, and incredibly hot sex scenes.  This is an easy addition to my list of favorite books.

This is Evie's story.  She's living in an abusive household under the threat that her father will kill her mother if Evie ever leaves.  Her life seems to revolve around her dysfunctional home and classes that hold no interest or challenge for her at a Bible college.

Then she meets Van, the tattooed, pierced, motorcycle-riding guy who buys marijuana at the house next door.  He also happens to be an art student, extremely perceptive, and someone who left his own abusive parents far behind.

From the scene where Van makes his interest in Evie clear:

[Van] "See--this is the problem. You don't even get where this is going. You can't just ask me to come in, or kiss me, or tell me you want to know what smoking pot feels like. When I'm close to you I feel crazy, okay? When you say my name I feel crazy. It's not. . . the right thing for you. I don't think I can just. . . be your friend."

He said the last little bit in one big burst, as if he had to force it out of himself. And though it stung, in one way, in another she actually knew what he meant. She didn't even have to struggle for it, or blindly guess.

He meant the thing she'd been feeling too.

"I don't want you to be just my friend."
My overall rating of Sheltered is an A-.


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