Weekend Movies

For this Passover, Maya and I watched The Ten Commandments, the grand epic classic from 1956 with Charlton Heston, Yul Brynner, Anne Baxter, and assorted other stars, for the first time. Herb watched with us on Saturday night, but he also remembers seeing the movie before.

Although I never saw the movie when I was younger, the overall story of Moses and the exodus bothered me as a child for two reasons--the final plauge resulting in the deaths of the Egyptians' first-born children and Moses not getting to live in the Promised Land. That just seemed terribly unfair to me, and, honestly, I still don't think the situations portray a very attractive image of a Divine Being.

Anyway, I waited with interest for Maya's response to the scene when the Pharaoh's son dies. Her take on the situation: "God wouldn't do that."

We often go to movies as a family on holidays, and we continued our tradition by catching Mirror, Mirror, starring Lily Collins and Julia Roberts, yesterday afternoon. The movie is kind of cheesy, though Maya enjoyed the seven dwarfs and the "very cute Prince" (Armie Hammer). Mildly entertaining, though not something I can suggest anyone else bother to watch.

Have you seen any movies, good or bad, recently?


sapphireblue said…
I went with a bunch of Girl Scouts to watch Mirror, Mirror. It was cute. I loved the red dress Julia Roberts wore during the ball. I like the show Pit Boss, so I was excited to see two of the guys from that show in the movie. It did have its quirks, but it was entertaining.
WritingGoddess said…
I recently took my testosterone sons to the double feature of "Chronicle" and "Ghost Rider 2". I found "Chronicle" fascinating, deeply disturbing, and truly unique. I found "Ghost Rider 2" a waste of my time. I liked the first one a lot--Cage played a fun, likeable guy. This time, he was angry, flt, and annoying.
Lou La La said…
I went to see "A Dangerous Method" it was really good psychology based so ive got the book to read now. Its HUGE!

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