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Today (March 8) is marked as International Women's Day by the United Nations. The 2012 theme is Empower Rural Women-End Hunger and Poverty.

Good news this week--my mom's physician wants her to try going without her blood pressure medication, which she has taken since her bypass surgery in 2009. Mom's a little nervous, but I'm encouraging her to go ahead.

Maya and I had a great time at her school science fair on Tuesday. We just went to look at the other exhibits because she didn't express an interest in participating until that very day. Her friends had exhibits about our solar system, creating compost, dogs' noses functioning like humans' fingerprints, scented lotions, and more. Maya's already planning for joining in next year, and she's considering a project involving making lip balm.

Travel is on my mind. My Postcrossing friend from Russia is visiting the United States (but nowhere near me, unfortunately), a co-worker is in Puerto Rico, my mom's friend is in Israel (so, so, so envious), and a friend is getting her passport for heading to Germany this spring.

Where are you dreaming about going?

I spent a day in Grand Island and Kearney, Nebraska, last month for work. Herb came along, and we had fun chatting in the car and at lunch. The funny part to me, though, is that the driving seemed to last forever. My dad was one of those drive for twelve hours and only stop for gas kind of people, but I have obviously lost being adjusted to that kind of travel. I don't like being in a car, I don't like flying--maybe it's time to realize that means I don't really like to travel. Now, if we could just have the Star Trek teleport system, I'd be somewhere new every weekend.

What's new with you and yours?


WritingGoddess said…
Hey there, This is Tami and I wanted you to know that a letter is going out in Saturday's mail with your name on it. I loved your letter--thanks so much!

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